• Beach Babies Day Nursery

  • In our eyes, enabling a better working lifestyle encompasses much more than providing premium office accommodation. Our entire ethos at Cambridge Innovation Park is to make the working day more productive, less stressful and easier to manage and our on site amenities are aimed at doing just that.

    Providing a day nursery is one way in which we aim to make that side of life just a little bit easier, especially for parents who work at companies based at the Park. To that end, we are delighted to confirm our collaboration with Beach Babies Nurseries, who will be running the nursery on site from 2019.

  • Established in 2004 and currently operational across two sites in Landbeach and Wilburton, Beach Babies Nurseries is an experienced childcare provider with roots in the local community. The vision to provide a centre for care, discovery and learning in a welcoming indoor and adventurous outdoor environment has allowed owner, Tracy Hutchison, to establish a thriving nursery provision full of happy and contented children, all cared for by experienced, highly trained and motivated adults. Beach Babies’ aim is to provide a home away from home for children – in safe, secure, fun and caring environments. The approach and value placed on both indoor and outdoor learning at the current nurseries in Landbeach and Wilburton are what make us particularly excited to bring Beach Babies Nurseries to Cambridge Innovation Park.

    Beach Babies follow the Forest School ethos of learning, which includes a strong focus on outdoor activities to enhance learning. Den building and bug hunting are regularly part of the day at Beach Babies, adding an extra dimension to the teaching of the key curriculum activities – literacy, maths, knowledge and understanding of the world and the creative arts - the over-arching objective of which is to develop good physical, communication and social skills, and to encourage independent learning – an invaluable preparation for life at school.

    The nursery at Cambridge Innovation Park will be a purpose built facility with the space to cater for up to 50 children – a much smaller intake than some of the national nursery chains, which commonly allow for up to 160 children per facility. The small family-feel of Beach Babies is deliberate, and we believe advantageous, enabling each child a great deal more individual attention than they might receive elsewhere.

    Planning for the nursery will be sought in early 2018 with construction beginning later that year. It is envisaged that we will be able to welcome the first children from May 2019.

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