• Editorial Article Published in Premier Construction Magazine

  • Cambridge Innovation Park – a new business hub in Cambridge – has arrived.

    The park – from Paragon Land and Estates – has been created through the rejuvenation and refurbishment of Stirling House and the creation of Blenheim House.  Work on Stirling House has been completed, while work on the first phase of Blenheim House is scheduled to complete in early November.  The second phase of Blenheim House will reach completion in 2018.

    Stirling House houses 40 businesses and showcases an in-house café and communal area, which encourages a like-minded, co-working environment between tenants. Once complete, Blenheim House will provide additional office space, alongside a gym, spa, day nursery, a café and more.

    Working together, the two buildings offer businesses a modern, light and spacious place for new and developing businesses. Both buildings boast state-of-the-art technology ranging from 24/7 security and door entry systems, to ultra-fast internet connectivity and more.

    When complete, the park will offer a combined total of 127,000 square feet of building space and is located close to major motorway routes. The park includes ample car parking space for employees and visitors. 

    Conscious of a desire to reduce tenants' reliance on the more traditional forms of transport, Cambridge Innovation Park also provides electric car charging points and multiple cycle stores to encourage a 'greener' route to work.

    CEO of Paragon, Rick Parisi and general manager Nick Hadley, spoke to Premier Construction about this new venture. Rick said:

    “We have got planning permission for a café, an outside seating area and glass walling; in addition we will provide a gym, sauna, and steam-room, Jacuzzi, tanning booth, treatment rooms and a nail bar. In addition there will also be a day-time nursery – in a separate building.

    “Every suite in the building will have its own front door and will have its own interior design. The design is very practical and there is little wasted space.

    “With regards to the design the specification, it has gone really well for us and we’ve also refreshed the images of Stirling house and future proofed the building itself, which has been extremely positive for us.”

    Nick added: “It is the biggest project that we have run to date; we also have two more in the pipeline and we’ve had to raise about £5 million pounds to fund the project. We haven’t had to use development funds to do this.

    “The original building has been an unbelievable success for us. It was definitely a risk to take it on, but now that it is fully operational it has been a massive success. I think adding the additional facilities will make our site the ‘go to’ place for businesses; we could end up with over 1,000 people on site.”

    The project is clearly a labour of love for Paragon Land and Estates and one which Rick and Nick are very pleased to be a part of. Rick commented:

    “It is not often that you get the opportunity to work on a multi-million pound project and there is so much demand for this type of scheme. To me this is central to my life and you also get a huge amount of pride when your suggestions are actually being put together in front of your eyes.”

    Nick said:  “The launch event we will be running for the park – which includes special guests – will be very important for us, and it demonstrates the interest in our work. This site is going to be central to the inputs and outputs in and around Cambridge and our aim is to encourage the growth of smaller businesses in the area, so they can expand without having to leave our site.”

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